zTrip Passengers


How do I book a ride?
Download the zTrip app and select book now or later .
Where do I get a taxi or sedan after the game?
At the Corner of Royal Way and Red Coat Lane
What are the zTrip rates?

Taxi rates are approximately $2.00*/mile with a $10.00 minimum – and a black sedan is $3/mile (wait charges may apply in heavy traffic).


Does the pass work for any size vehicle?
If I just need a pick up after the event, do I still need a pass to enter the stadium?
Yes. All entrance gates will be blocked 2 hours after event is over. The only gate open for passenger pick up is gate 1.
Where do I meet my personal passengers if I have a pass?
All livery, Taxi and TNC with personals can stage in Lot J and greet their passengers on the southwest corner of Lot J.​
How many times can I enter with a daily pass?
The daily pass is valid for multiple entrees day of event.​
Are the Passes refundable?
No. They are nonrefundable​
Where do I park/stage if I do not buy a pass?
Passengers can be picked up or dropped off at the Missouri Welcome Center .
When is the latest I can buy a pass?
Passes must be purchased 48 HOURS before each event. Passes are not available for purchase on Game Day.

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