zTrip Passengers


How do I book a ride?

Using the zTrip app
Book your ride with the zTrip app! After the event simply go to the zTrip lane and grab a taxi. (If you want to book your ride in advance, you can use the advanced booking feature on our app. Using this feature you cannot book a return trip, you must go to the zTrip lane for your return trip and wait in line with the other passengers. Advance booking trips are dispatched 30 minutes prior to requested pickup, and are not guaranteed due to high volume. We also do not accommodate APP bookings from the zTrip lane, you must wait in line for a vehicle.)


Booking a zTrip by phone
Give us a buzz to book your trip to your Arrowhead event. During events our demand is very high. Please call at least thirty minutes before you want to be picked up.


$10 Shuttles to the Kansas City Marriott Downtown and Crown Center are available after the event
If you’re headed to one of our exclusive hotels, we offer a shared shuttle service for a flat rate. Avoid the long line for a zTrip taxi after the event. Look for the on-site shuttle monitors with signs.


Do you require a guaranteed reservation?
Call 816-471-1234. These chauffeured services are allowed to enter via the zTrip lane and our designated VIP pick-up area after the event. This is the best way to insure your pick-up and drop-off times.


Interested in group transportation?
Call 816-471-1234. Kansas City Transportation Group offers a variety of solutions of group transportation from seven to twenty-five passengers. KCTG also enjoys access to the zTrip lane for convenient pick-up and drop-off locations

Where do I get a taxi or sedan after the game?

At the Corner of Royal Way and Red Coat Lane. Wait times at the end of the game can exceed 1hour, plan accordingly. We do not accommodate APP bookings from the zTrip lane, you must wait in line for a vehicle.

What are the zTrip rates?

Taxi rates are approximately $2.00*/mile with a $10.00 minimum – and a black sedan is $3/mile (wait charges may apply in heavy traffic).


Does the pass work for any size vehicle?
If I just need a pick up after the event, do I still need a pass to enter the stadium?
Yes. All entrance gates will be blocked 2 hours after event is over. The only gate open for passenger pick up is gate 1.
Where do I meet my personal passengers if I have a pass?
All livery, Taxi and TNC with personals can stage in Lot J and greet their passengers on the southwest corner of Lot J.​
How many times can I enter with a daily pass?
The daily pass is valid for multiple entrees day of event.​
Are the Passes refundable?
No. They are nonrefundable​
Where do I park/stage if I do not buy a pass?
Passengers can be picked up or dropped off at the Missouri Welcome Center .
When is the latest I can buy a pass?
Passes must be purchased 48 HOURS before each event. Passes are not available for purchase on Game Day.

Contact us.